Finlayson Stinky Small Towel
Stinky (Finnish: Haisuli) is sneaky and plays pranks on others for fun. The small and furry...
SEK 79
Finlayson Little My Small Towel cerise
Little My (Finnish: Pikku Myy) is small but full of attitude. She is brave and always up for a...
SEK 79
Finlayson Moomintroll Small Towel
Moomintroll (Finnish: Muumipeikko) is always in a good mood and gets excited about everything and...
SEK 79
Finlayson Groke Small Towel
In a uniquely personal way, the Groke is your compassionate antihero. A bit scary, but you still...
SEK 79
Finlayson Moominpappa Small Towel
Moominpappa (Finnish: Muumipappa) is the head of the house, he enjoys giving advice to others and...
SEK 79
SEK 119
SEK 199